Par Basile Keugoung

Justification : Implementation of the Dakar Conference on the 25th years of Harare Declaration

The Community of Practice Health Service Delivery (CoP HSD) calls its members to submit small projects at the district level. The objective of this call is to support Health district management teams to develop and implement small projects for improving health service delivery and the local health system performance.

Indeed, the renewed vision of the health district that came out from the 2013 Dakar Conference on the 25th year of the health district strategy in sub-Saharan Africa stressed the need for health district managers to become stewards, able for developing a coalition of stakeholders to respond to the populations’ needs. Additionally, Health district management teams should be therefore responsible and lead the process of coordination and alignment of all actors at the district level. Therefore, health care, a core function of the health district as well as of the whole health system will be well-delivered to cover the need of the populations. It is in line with this recommendation that the CoP HSD calls for all actors to identify small projects that could improve health care delivery at the district level.


The project should be fully implemented before 31, December 2016. It could be an evaluation, an intervention or a replication of a best practice related to health care delivery at the district level. The implication of health district management team in the design and implementation of the project is highly recommended.

The CoP HSD has 11000 US$ for funding these projects. Therefore, the total cost of the project should not exceed 3500 US$ in order to fund at least 3 projects in 2016. Funds will be allocated by UNICEF WCARO.

The deadline of submission has been extended to the 20, August 2016, at 12.00 PM CAT due to the delay in publishing this blog.

All people involved in the proposal should be members of the CoP HSD.

The proposal should contain :

  • The description of the activities that should be implemented
  • The cost of these activities and the total budget
  • The planning

The proposal should be a Word document with the following fonts: calibri, size 11, aligned on both sides (left and right), single line spacing. All the document including the annexes should not exceed 15 pages.

You should send your proposal to Basile Keugoung ( and put in cc Jean Servais of UNICEF WCARO (

Selection of best projects

The Selection committee is made of the members of the CoP HSD core group and a representative of UNICEF WCARO. They will evaluate all proposals and select the three best ones. The fund will be available early September 2016.

You can access the 2013 Dakar Conference report by clicking here .

Good luck !!!


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